Octillion cultivates the best data sets available from market leading data provider LiveRamp. With thousands of auto focused data, Octillion will take your direction on whom you are looking to target and find the best providers available in CTV to build the best targeting segment possible.

Data sets are based on a strict criteria including effectiveness to CTV/OTT, frequency of updated or refreshed data and the quality of data provider such as Axiom, Polk, Autotrader, KBB and Experian.

Common targeting segments include, but are not limited to:

  • New Auto Intender
  • Intender by Manufacturer
  • Intender by Model
  • Intender by Type (Truck, Luxury, Sedan, etc.)
  • HH Income Level
  • Value Seeker
  • Looking for something different, let us know and we will provide the best CTV options for you!

Octillion also encourages the use of your 1st party data in targeting, re-targeting and attribution.

Ready to get started

  • Request Inventory Forecast (link below)
  • PDF detailing available impressions provided within 24-hours
  • To place order, email details to
  • IO generated for review.  Sign and return along with creative. See creative specs below.
  • NTXAD Consulting will confirm order and co-sign IO.
  • Once payment is received order is processed. Please allow up to 2 business days for activation.
  • Upon activation your dashboard link will be emailed to individuals specified on the IO, second tab.

Follow the link below to access a quick request form for CTV impression counts based on your targeting segment parameters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sondra Hawkins at or at 214.637.0531

Impression Forecasting Request Form