NTXAD Hits $2 Million Mark in Community Donations

Two million dollars is a lot of money. But that is exactly what the North Texas Automobile Dealers (NTXAD) and its dealer members have raised and donated since the Association’s inception in September 2010.

“Car dealers historically are some of the most generous business owners when it comes to giving back to their communities. Many dealers have deep roots in their communities that extend back to multiple generations. And when the NTXAD has put out the call for assistance with charitable contributions, dealers have always answered,” said Jim Hardick, chairman of the NTXAD.

The Association’s largest donation came in the form of 14 Chevrolet Tahoes and equipment totaling $1 million to the Dallas Police Department (DPD) following the July 7, 2016, ambush in downtown Dallas when five DPD officers and one DART officer were slain. The NTXAD donated four Chevrolet Tahoes to the Fort Worth Police Department as well. The donated Tahoes are currently used for Patrol Emergency Response Tactical Teams (PERTT). Each vehicle was made “road ready” for officers by being outfitted with four armored doors, tactical box, computer, police radio, lights, and shields and helmets.

“We raised an impressive amount of money that year. Dealers were extremely benevolent, and what we accomplished with that money will have a huge impact on Dallas and Fort Worth and the safety of our communities for years to come,” Hardick said.

During the past nine years, the NTXAD and its dealer members also have assisted with rebuilding communities after tornadoes in Granbury, Van, Garland and Rowlett, and the fertilizer company explosion in West, Texas. Checks were written to the Habitat for Humanity, churches and other organizations that assisted families with home construction, food and medical expenses, and even counseling for children and adults who were struggling with post-trauma stress.

Hardick said he also is proud of the relationship the Association has formed with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). For six years, the NTXAD invited BBBS “Littles” and their mentors to spend a day at the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos. Guests enjoyed a picnic lunch, Animal Outreach Programs that enabled them to get up close and personal with a variety of the Zoos’ smaller residents, and the opportunity to explore all the Zoos had to offer.

“With the NTXAD’s partnership and support of our program, the lives of our ‘Littles’ have changed for the better forever through the power of mentorship,” said Natalie Mendoza, program events specialist at BBBS.

“The impact the NTXAD and its dealer members has made throughout Texas is certainly significant. It is our goal going forward to continue to make a lasting imprint on our communities and the people who trust us with their business,” Hardick said.